Pitter Patter was set up by Vicky Arlidge (a professional musican and mother of two!) in 2008 . Before becoming a mum Vicky composed music for television and theatre (credits include two BAFTA nominated television series for Channel 5's Milkshake and one EMMY nominated documentary). For the last five years she has focussed on making music for children. Her 'Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums' CD (songs to help parents prevent tantrums!) has sold worldwide and is available to buy on Amazon. She is currently taking a break from Pitter Patter to follow up some new and exciting musical adventures. www.vickyarlidge.com

"I am passionate about the enjoyment music can bring to young children and convinced of its developmental benefits. I have been taking my own children to classes from a very early age and have watched them grow and learn whilst having fun. At 20 months my daughter could not count up to ten if asked but could easily sing the song "1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive, etc" I think this clearly demonstrates how the added stimuli of melody and rhythm can help with language development. As well as using music as a learning tool I often sing to calm my children down or to help avoid tantrums!"


Suzanne Lambert

A new member of the team, Suzanne joined Pitter Patter in September 2015 after attending classes with her youngest daughter. Suzanne is a mum of three to Kirsten (7), Georgia (5) and Neve (4).

Since becoming a mum Suzanne has followed her ambition to perform on stage and is currently as active member of St Albans Musical Theatre Company (formally St Albans Operatic Society). Suzanne has performed in a number of recent Theatre productions including Guys and Dolls, Annie and Oliver.

Suzanne is passionate about singing and as a mum understands the importance of how a creative and stimulating environment can help children develop. “My daughter Neve attended Pitter Patter Music and loved every session. I am very excited to be able to offer that same experience to other children and help them explore the world around them through music”.

Music can bring so many benefits to a child, it excites and activates the body and it is known to help improve communication, language and social skills. These benefits can also be particularly helpful to children with special needs, whom may struggle to communicate but can take comfort and enjoyment in music.

“My daughter Georgia has autism and shares my love of singing. She has attended music groups since she was a baby and now aged 5 singing is a big part of her life. Singing has dramatically increased the size of her vocabulary and helps to make her language more fluid. Music has helped reduce her anxiety and improve her social skills through the familiarity of welcome and goodbye songs and sharing of instruments. Georgia takes both delight and comfort in singing and action rhymes and loves nothing more than sharing her favourite song with me".