“George absolutely loves coming to Pitter Patter, (as I do!). Monday mornings have never been so good!” Katie, mother of George, (10 months).

 “I’ve arranged my working week around Pitter Patter! Mia gets so so much out of it – what a sociable little lady you are helping me to create! Thank you!” Mia, mummy to Mia, (16 months).

 “We really enjoy Pitter Patter – Sophie loves the suspense of the different objects in the feely bags! She has started singing songs at home. I like the fact that you don’t mind them moving about – I went to another music class where the children had to sit still – impossible for Sophie!” Clare, mummy to Sophie (2yrs).

“My son Joe (7 months) loves his Pitter Patter music sessions - they're the highlight of his week! He actively joins in with the nursery rhymes and all the actions, by frantically kicking his feet and positively beams. What's more, I find that a good old sing song puts me in a great mood for the day too! Vicky puts a lot of thought and preparation into each session and has a selection of interesting props and percussion instruments which delight the children. I would thoroughly recommend the classes to anyone with babies or toddlers”. Debbie, mother of Joe (7 months).

"I love your class, it makes me feel young again!" Janice, grandmother to Ffion, aged 14 months.

"This is a really nice class with a gentle atmosphere that makes everyone welcome. The background music to some favourites is lovely and there are new surprises in the special bags every week which keeps the little ones engaged and guessing every time. Adults and kids have a great time every week!" Christoph, father of Thomas, (2 years).

"Pitter Patter is a great music class for babies and toddlers. Fun, friendly and no two weeks the same. Lots of old favourites and some original songs too. Chloe loves the instruments and the mystery bags – every time we passed the venue she wants to go in to ‘do singing’.” Jennie, mother of Chloe (18 months).

 “Despite a 20 month age gap both my boys love Pitter Patter – it is creative and entirely child focussed. The pace is perfect for toddlers who need something new and exciting to keep them interested. It’s an excellent mix of traditional songs that everyone knows and new songs. It is genuinely the highlight of our midweek activities!” Jemma, mummy to Joseph (2) and Jacob, (nearly 1).

 “Pitter Patter is perfectly pitched at its young audience, treating them as the bright little people they are. The songs have totally captivated Isla and the tunes and rhythms are so strong and original. Isla started counting to ten soon after she started singing “Build it up”. It’s by far our favourite group.” Hannah, mummy to Isla (20 months).

 “We are new to Pitter Patter but Charlotte took to it immediately. We love the format, with the different bags of instruments/puppets to which the little ones can help themselves and learn to tidy up afterwards too!” Rebecca, mummy to Charlotte (15months)

“Jolly, interactive, varied, imaginative and fun! Mia started at Pitter Patter lying on her back soaking in the fun when she was just three months old - now at six months she appears confident with the mix of age groups, and truly stimulated and happy with the music and rhymes. We very much look forward to being with our weekly music friends!” Suzy, mother of Mia (7 months).

"A super, interactive music class. My daughter simply loves it. Whereas some classes for youngsters can be a bit too loud, Vicky gets the balance of visual stimulation from the puppets, musical instruments and singing just right, which captivates the children (and carers too!). I particularly like the fact that the songs are rotated regularly so it’s different from week to week, whilst remaining full of well known favourites" Helen, mother of Annabel (16 months).

"My daughter Daniella absolutely loves Pitter Patter. Its difficult to grab and hold the attention of babies and toddlers and yet Pitter Patter is both visual and creative, lively and fun and completely engaging. Thank you for putting a smile on Daniella's face. She is even beginning to dance at home!" Silvia, mother of Daniella, (10 months).

 “Although Anoushka is very quiet during sessions, she’s really engaged and comes home and sings songs when she thinks no one is listening!!! Pitter Patter has been fantastic for us as a family during our big rite of passage (new baby). We all have a great time. Thank you Vicky for a great class. We are very, very happy to have discovered Pitter Patter”. Beth, mummy to Anoushka (2yrs 9 months).

 “We love the unusual and different songs, the lovely actions, the opportunity for Ella to sing and dance with other toddlers and the great props!” Claire, mummy to Ella, (19 months).

 “Pitter Patter is a nice, warm, welcoming group. The girls are always happy and excited to come (esp. Poppy aka teacher’s pet!)”. Becks, mummy of Poppy (2) and Mimi (3)

 “We both love Pitter Patter. Varun loves the songs and gets really excited about the props and bags. I love meeting the other mums and enjoy seeing Varun’s face light up when we get to class.” Samra, mummy to Varun (2yrs 4 months)

 “I think Pitter Patter is fantastic and Alfie seems to really enjoy the class. He seems to take more interest each week we come.” Catherine, mummy to Alfie (16 months).

 “Sophia points when we drive past the hall & tells us “that's where I do Pitter Patter music!” Caroline, mummy to Sophia (2 yrs).