______________Frequently asked questions

Can I go to a no obligation trial class?
Yes. Email us or call 07788 973303 to arrange a trial.

Are the trial classes free? No. They can be paid for on the day. Each class costs £6, siblings over 6 months pay £3.00 and twins £4.00 each.

Do we have to arrange a trial or can we just turn up? We like to monitor class numbers so please call to arrange a trial before coming to a class. Calling at the last minute is fine!

Can we pay for each individual class that we attend or do we have to sign up? The initial ‘trial’ class can be paid for on the day. If you then wish to keep coming you will be asked to sign up for the rest of the term. This ensures that class sizes remain small, therefore providing a satisfying experience for both carers and babies. Each class costs £6, siblings over 6 months pay £3.00 and twins £4.00 each. You can join at any point in the term and there is NO JOINING FEE. If you have to miss a class you will be able to make it up by coming on a different day, if you so wish.

Are siblings allowed to come too?
Yes, siblings are welcome. You only have to pay £3.00 per class once they reach 6 months.

How much is it for twins or triplets to attend the class? The price of a class for twins is £8 total and for triplets £9.

Can dads come? Of course!! Don’t be shy dads, you’re more than welcome.

Is there parking nearby? See information at When?Where?How Much?

What age ranges are the classes aimed at? The classes are aimed at children aged 3 months to 4 years although older and younger children can attend. Contact us if you would like advice.

Are the classes age specific? We offer a range of age specific classes and also mixed age classes to suit your needs. See When?Where?How Much?

Can babies relate to music at such a young age? Studies have shown that babies respond to music in the womb so it is never too early! Take the lead from your child and consider your own needs too; would you like a chance to meet other carers and enjoy a chat and a (much needed no doubt!) coffee? At first your child will show her enjoyment by smiling, laughing, bouncing, etc. She will then gradually start to sign along with the songs and eventually (stimulated by the melody and rhythm) her language skills will start to develop. You may well be surprised at how long their concentration can be held and how they learn to share instruments and props with other children as well as learning when to put them away. Their enthusiasm for reaching a toy or instrument in class might even lead to them crawling or walking for the first time.

Are the classes run by musically trained professionals and do they use live instruments? Yes. See About Us

Do classes only happen in term time? Yes, although we do offer a few summer classes during the school holidays. Contact us for more information.

Can we hire Pitter Patter for private parties? Yes. We provide forty-five minutes of fun filled musical activity. The cost is £75 (plus travel expenses if the party is outside St Albans).