Pitter Patter is a fun filled forty minutes of music for babies and toddlers.

Songs, rhymes, actions, instruments, puppets, parachutes and bubbles are all used to spark
your child’s imagination. Through music you will have a chance to develop your child’s language, communication and concentration skills. Sharing and interacting with other children in the class
will also help their social confidence blossom. Small classes allow space for individual attention
and each week the children have a chance to feel and explore different props. All our classes are currently for mixed ages, so siblings are of course welcome. Carefully constructed sessions mean that all ages are included and engaged, with singing and signing for the little ones and dancing, balancing, etc for those who are no longer keen to sit in a circle! As well as singing some old favourites we have new, specially composed songs to help your children learn the letters of the alphabet, different shapes and different colours.See when?where?howmuch?

Come along and learn our Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums, a series of songs that will help you persuade your tantrumming toddlers to do things they may not want to do - brush their teeth, change their nappy, get into the buggy, eat their food.... and many more! For more information about these unique songs go to www.tunes4toddlertantrums.co.uk

Most of all Pitter Patter is a fun place for carers and children alike and provides an opportunity to meet and socialise. With a bit of luck these first musical steps will lead to a love and enthusiasm for music that your child will carry with them throughout life.